GitHub action for organization members to use commands for moderating issues of a repository.
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GitHub action to moderate issues

This action allows the usage of some commands from the organization to moderate the issues of a repository. It can also search for duplicate URLs in the opened issues and close the new opened issue if needed.


To configure the action simply add the following lines to your workflow file:

name: Moderator
      # If you want the duplicate URL checker and/or the auto-closer
      - opened
      # If you want the auto-closer to run
      - edited
      - reopened
      - created
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - name: Moderate issues
        uses: tachiyomiorg/issue-moderator-action@v2
          repo-token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}



Name Description
repo-token GitHub access token
member-token Token with read access to organization members
duplicate-label Label to add on duplicate command and auto duplicate check

If member-token is not provided, repo-token will be used to check user's membership. In this case, the action might fail to verify private members.

Auto closers

Name Description
duplicate-check-enabled Enable the duplicate URL finder if sets to true.
duplicate-check-labels Labels of the opened issues to check.
duplicate-check-comment Comment body when the issue was detected to be a duplicate.
existing-check-enabled Enable the existing source check if sets to true.
existing-check-labels Labels of the opened issues to do the check.
existing-check-repo-url URL of the JSON extension repository.
existing-check-comment Comment body when the issue was detected to be of an existing source.
auto-close-rules A JSON-compliant string containing a list of rules, where a rule consists of the content below.
auto-close-ignore-label Optional label name. If present, auto-close, duplicate-check, and existing-check are skipped.


Name Description Default value
blurb-command Optional blurb command text. Blurb
duplicate-command Optional duplicate command text. Duplicate of #
edit-title-command Optional edit issue title command text. Edit title to
lock-command Optional lock command text. Lock this issue

Auto closer

Duplicate URLs check

The action can also check for opened issues with a given label for duplicate URLs. It's useful if you have a system to request websites to be added to your repository through issues.

To enable it, you need to set duplicate-check-enabled to true and define the label that the action should check with duplicate-check-label.

Regex rules

Automatically close issues whose title or body text matches the specified regular expression pattern.

Rules are re-evaluated on issue edits and automatically reopens the issue if the rules pass.

Rule definition

  type: 'title' | 'body' | 'both';
  regex: string;
  closeIfMatch: boolean | undefined;
  message: string;
  ignoreCase: boolean | undefined;
  labels: string[] | undefined;
  • type: Part to run regex against.
  • regex: String compiled to a JavaScript RegExp. If matched, the issue is closed.
  • closeIfMatch: Close the issue if regex is matched. Defaults to true, so an issue is closed if the regex is matched. If false, an issue is closed if the regex is not matched, i.e. enforcing presence of something.
  • message: ES2015-style template literal evaluated with the issue webhook payload in context (see payload example). Posted when the issue is closed. You can use {match} as a placeholder to the first match.
  • ignoreCase: Optionally make the regex case insensitive. Defaults to false.
  • labels: Optional labels to add when closing the issue.


auto-close-rules: |
      "type": "title",
      "regex": ".*Placeholder title.*",
      "message": "@${issue.user.login} this issue was automatically closed because it did not follow the issue template"


All commands can be used in more bot-like way, that supports ?, ! and / as the invocation character, and alternatively with a more human readable way, with sentences that can be customized.

The comment with the command will be minimized and marked as resolved.


This command will post a comment blurb if found and close the issue.


  • Bot-like: ?blurb <blurb keyword>
  • Sentence: Blurb <blurb keyword>

Requires blurbs to be defined. Example:

blurbs: |
      "keywords": ["help", "discord"],
      "message": "For more help, please visit our Discord server."


This command will close the current issue as an duplicate.


  • Bot-like: ?duplicate #<issue-number>
  • Sentence: Duplicate of #<issue-number>

If the sentence way is used and the comment contains a question mark after the issue number, the command will not be executed as a way to preventing the current issue from being closed if the person that commented are in doubt if the current issue is indeed a duplicate.

Edit issue title

This command will edit the title of the current issue. The new title must be surrounded by double quotes, and it supports escaping by using \".


  • Bot-like: ?edit-title "<new-title>"
  • Sentence: Edit title to "<new-title>"

Lock the issue

This command will lock the current issue.


  • Bot-like: ?lock
  • Sentence: Lock this issue

Alternatively, the lock reason can be specified.


  • Bot-like: ?lock <off-topic|too heated|resolved|spam>
  • Sentence: Lock this issue as <off-topic|too heated|resolved|spam>